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"As your District 6 School board member, I will be the VOICE for our children, parents, and teachers!"

Steven Julian is not the typical school board candidate we’ve seen over the last decade in Broward County. He’s young, smart, and idealistic. A life-long resident of Plantation, he is currently completing his Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health and plans on starting a family soon here in Broward County. Upon finishing college, so many young people choose to leave Broward County. Steven chose to stay, and plans to make a difference in the place he calls home.

Broward Born, Broward Raised

Steven has deep roots in Broward County; civic mindedness is in his DNA. His mom served as a judge in Broward County and his father was the South Florida Economic Crimes Bureau Chief for the Florida Office of the Attorney General. Steven worked with students of every race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic background as a wrestling coach at Fort Lauderdale High School and other schools across the district. He knows that ALL community members have a stake in our education system and an inherent responsibility to be engaged in finding solutions to the challenges facing our district.

The Right Skillset

Steven is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University with a degree in Business Administration and possesses strong business experience in the private sector, specializing in sales. There is no doubt he brings a much needed level of expertise to a district with a multi billion dollar budget.

Strong Vision

As a graduate of American Heritage in Plantation, Steven credits a quality education, and a strong support system for setting the foundations for a happy, fulfilling life--a life he wants for all children in our community. His focus is on providing safe, supportive, nurturing schools with quality education for all. Public schools face financial and socio-economic challenges that many private institutions do not. There has been a push over recent years to divert public funds to private institutions, as if the public school system is incapable of reaching the same standards and quality of many private schools. Steven Julian does not accept that proposition, he knows that public education can, with the right guidance and support, provide an equally excellent education.